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Refractory and insulating products

Proyco guarantees the quality of all its products, supporting the client in the proper selection and installation of said products and accompanying them throughout the life cycle of the material in use. Additionally, Proyco offers an Integral Service, ranging from product design and coating engineering, to final installation and delivery to the customer.

Fibra cerámica
Placa silicato
ladrillo refractario Proyco


Silicon carbide materials are of very high purity manufactured with different grain sizes and modified. They tolerate prolonged exposure to a fluctuating thermal load against acids and oxidizing gases that are released during the process, as well as mechanical abrasion in the grill area, while minimizing dross adhesion.


The families of high-performance refractory materials that PROYCO sells for use in urban waste incineration boilers have been developed to cope with very adverse working conditions such as:


  • Abrasion resistance: during the combustion process the circulation of sand and ash in the furnace is a major threat to the durability of refractory linings and requires the use of high-performance materials that guarantee a long oven life.


  • Resistance to thermal shock against large temperature changes. There are several properties that can affect the resistance to thermal shock.


  • Heat transfer: PROYCO materials based on silicon carbide and its compounds are normally used to obtain good thermal conductivity. We market shaped materials with thermal conductivities > 15W / mK and unshaped materials with silicon carbide content of 65% and 80%.


  • Resistance against alkalis and other chemicals. Among the various corrosion enhancers linked to the type of waste, alkalis have become the most important due to the increase in the generation of waste, the most critical being polymeric waste materials, biomass, paper and industrial sludge.


  • Corrosion resistance: various types of corrosion can affect boilers in different areas depending on the type of waste and the combustion operating conditions.


Ingeniería y montaje de refractario


In Proyco we carry out an engineering applied to specific needs. Being specialists in projects and solutions, we are at the forefront of engineering and services in the industrial world. We use the RAGFORM ® System preformed parts, whose advantages are:

  • Energy Savings in the equipment start-up.
  • Reduction of assembly times.
  • Increased mechanical resistance of the material.


PROYCO offers its customers a complete management of their needs. A team of specialized technicians and professionals conducts a detailed study of each case to offer a more valuable, complete and differential service. From our Engineering Department we project and plan all projects and we take care of their realization and assembly.

Servicio integral Proyco





We strictly comply with the deadlines

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Comprehensive management of the needs of our customers.

Naves industriales y oficinas técnicas dotadas con la última tecnológia y ubicadas en situación estratégica:

- Comunidad de Madrid.

- Castilla y León.

- Asturias.

- País Vasco.

- Castilla La Mancha.

- Andalucía.


The expected result is achieved.

Durante más de 30 años de conocimiento en el sector, entendemos la importancia que tienen los bienes de equipo para nuestros clientes, pues es el corazón de su compañía. Alejándonos de la lucha de precios y del trato deshumanizado propio de las grandes jerarquías, nosotros preferimos apostar por el compromiso, la cercanía y trato personalizado.



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